About Eagle Intelligent Health for South Africa

Eagle Intelligent Health is a secure telehealth platform allowing patients to access skilled doctors in the app from anywhere, regardless of location. Users can better control their health and wellness and understand and share their health information which can help improve outcomes and the quality of care. Patients fill out a simple intake form that captures their medical history, medications, allergies, and more. This information is combined with AI and machine learning to create a personalised Patient Portal in easy-to-understand language. It also includes physician-approved resources to help them better understand their health. Patients can initiate telemedicine calls and get electronic sick notes and prescriptions from their telehealth sessions.

Eagle Intelligent Health does not provide direct medical service. Providers use the Eagle Intelligent Health platform and technology to serve their individual patients.

About MediBüddy

MediBüddy is a solution-centred organisation focused on bringing healthcare to everyone through technology without negating the human touch.   The partnership with Eagle Intelligent Health provides the perfect opportunity to exploit technology as an enabler to better the lives of the man on the street and give them the perfect opportunity to live with dignity.  Having world-class AI and machine learning capabilities to subsidise human effort is an opportunity we cannot let go by.