For Doctors

The Eagle Intelligent Health app provides doctors with a free electronic storage system that can vastly improve patient care. Our app can also help your hospital or clinic enhance the level of care you offer, while boosting productivity at the same time.

How DrOwl Helps Providers?

Doctors, specialists, and other medical professionals require the right tools to provide quality care to patients. This is especially crucial when it comes to medical records storage. Healthcare providers must have easy access to patient records to ensure accurate diagnosis. They must also be able to communicate with patients in a timely manner to answer questions and address new symptoms.

That’s precisely where the Eagle Intelligent Health mobile application comes in. This app allows you direct access to your patients and their healthcare histories, no matter how far they are from your hospital or clinic. In addition to enhancing the quality of care you provide, the Eagle Intelligent Health app also makes your job of practicing medicine a little easier.

Benefits of Eagle Intelligent Health for Medical Providers

When you’re added to the Eagle Intelligent Health network, you can look forward to the following benefits:

  • Access to a Free Electronic Health Record (EHR) System – EHR systems are crucial in the modern medical industry. Eagle Intelligent Health offers a completely free EHR system to providers, which ensures easy access to a wide range of health information for current and future visits.
  • See Patients on Your Time, Wherever You Are – Eagle Intelligent Health also allows you the flexibility to serve patients on your schedule. Whether you would like to conduct all patient visits through the app or want to use it to supplement in-person visits, you can decide what works for you. Telemedicine allows you to connect regardless of location.
  • Get Paid Automatically and Hassle Free – When you are a member of the Eagle Intelligent Health network, you can set your own rates for telemedicine services. Your earnings automatically get transferred to your account every month.
  • Reduction of Medical Errors – Convenient access to patient medical records also ensures greater accuracy when providing care. By checking a person’s healthcare history, you can make informed decisions when developing an effective care strategy.

Along with increasing the access to care you provide to your patients, the Eagle Intelligent Health app can also benefit your healthcare clinic directly. Easy access and storage of patient medical records prevents you and your staff from searching for healthcare records during visits. That means you can be more productive, while also resting assured that the care you provide is accurate.

Greater efficiency can also help you reach your business goals. Because patients can use the app for telehealth visits, you can expand the number of people you treat on a regular basis.


How to Join the Eagle Intelligent Health Provider Network

Contact us today to learn more about our innovative app and how it can transform the access of care you provide to patients. Once you’ve been added to the network of providers, patients can begin using their mobile devices to access essential care, both for themselves and their families.