How do I delete my account

From the homepage, select the three white dots icon found next to your name, and then click on “Settings.” From the menu, select “Delete Account,” “Delete” and then “Delete Account” once more to confirm deleting your account since the data cannot be recovered after the action is performed.

By deleting your account, you are permanently deleting;

  • all your medical records
  • your medication reminders
  • all your account information including your personally identifiable information
  • all information associated with additional users added to your account included their medical records and personally identifiable information

If you have shared your records with any other user, they will no longer be able to access the records.    You will no longer be able to access any user’s information that had been shared with you.   When you delete your data, your data will be immediately deleted from our databases and also any files you have stored will be immediately deleted.  However, the automatic backups taken of the information will retain the information for up to 30 days.