Adding Medications and Creating an Rx

At the bottom of the “Progress Note” tab on an open case, there is a section titled “Medications” with a green plus sign next to it. To add a medication, select the plus sign and once the form pulls up start typing the medication in the text box next to the field titled “Medication.” Please note that if it does not populate exactly how you’d like, type out exactly what is needed.

To add medication instructions for the patient, go to the “Notes” section found at the bottom of the form and type in those instructions. For example, write “Take one a day, as needed.” Select the green “Add” button to add the prescription to the list.

Once the medication is added to the list, finish creating the prescription by selecting the box/boxes of the medication and clicking on the green “Create Prescription” button. The completed prescription will be located in the middle of the screen next to the section titled “Prescriptions.” The prescription will be available to the patient in their Eagle Intelligent Health app right away where they will be able to access it from there.

If it is needed to change the prescription due to a mistake, select the trashcan icon located next to the completed prescription in the “Prescription” section or by selecting the box of the medication and selecting the “Delete Medication” button. Once deleted, the prescription can be redone. Note: up to 10 medications at a time can be added and one prescription with up to 10 medications can be added.