Creating Sick Notes

One of the options after a completed telemedicine visit is creating a “Note” for your patient. These types of notes include a work sick note, a school note or any other kind of unique note the patient might request of you.

To create a note, go to the “Progress Notes” tab and select the green plus sign next to the section titled “Notes for Patient” found on the bottom of the screen. When the form pulls up, type in the note title next to the field that says “Note Title.” The title can be labeled as whatever the patient is needing (ex. “Work Sick Note”) and the fields below it can be used, as necessary. Each of these fields is optional so if nothing is written in a field, that field will be removed from the finalized sick note. For example, if there was no “Second Consultation,” that field blank can be left blank and it will be removed from their sick note.

Next to the field titled “Date of first consultation,” write the date the patient was seen by you. Next to the phrase that says “According to my knowledge/as I was informed, he/she was unfit for work from:” write the dates which they reported they were unable to attend work or which dates you are requesting they take off. Next to the field titled “Nature of Illness” include what has been observed and determined from their visit with you.

Once the green “Create” button has been selected on the form, the sick note will immediately be available in the patient’s Eagle Intelligent Health app where the patient will be able to see and access it. Please note: the sick note does take information from your profile and uses it, so make sure your profile is always up to date.