Initiating Zoom w/Patient

When ready to see your patient on the Zoom call, the only button that needs to be clicked is “Start Video Chat.” The “Start Video Chat” button is a green video camera icon located next to the patient’s name and case ID on the top of the screen. Selecting this icon will then send your patient a link to join from their app. It will also launch a new Zoom window for you.

From there, a pop-up screen will open with a message that says “Open Zoom Meetings.” Please note: if this message is not received, it may mean that there is a pop-up blocker and pop-ups need to be allowed on the page in order to allow the Zoom screen to open.

Once “Open Zoom Meetings” is selected, a Zoom screen will open and it will ask “Join with Computer Audio.” Either join with the computer audio or join with a phone call. It may be preferable to join by phone instead of with the computer audio if there are audio issues or slow internet. This can be done by selecting “Phone Call” and the region “South Africa” from the drop-down menu, where the Zoom meeting can be called into as well.

After these steps, you will be able to see your patient via Zoom screen. The Zoom screen does open on another page which will allow notes to be written into the doctor portal as the Zoom call is taking place or after the call has ended.