Status Definitions

There are five different statuses that a case goes through from start to finish. These statuses are Open, Assessing, Waiting for GP, In Progress, and Closed.

The first status is the green “Open” Status which means that the patient has just entered into the telemedicine queue from their Eagle Intelligent Health app and that they have not yet been serviced.

The next status that a case goes through is the blue “Assessing” status which is where someone in chat triage

has picked up the case and is determining whether or not the patient is eligible and ready to see a telemedicine doctor or if they need to be referred out to see a doctor immediately in person or if this should not be a telemedicine call at all. Once that telemedicine user is ready to be seen by an Eagle Intelligent Health doctor, the person assessing in chat triage will change the status to “Waiting for GP.”

The status “Waiting for GP” means that the case is ready to be claimed by a doctor. When logging on to Eagle Intelligent Health and looking for which cases are ready to be serviced, look specifically for those in this status. Once it is selected, the chat triage and the patient’s history can be seen; then the patient can then be serviced.

Once the case is selected, change the status to “In Progress” which can be selected from the drop-down menu on the top right of the screen titled “Status.” Cases that are in this status mean that a doctor is currently servicing that case and is seeing the patient on telemedicine.

The last case status is “Closed” which will be listed under the “Closed Cases” tab, not the “Open” cases tab. After all of the information has been added into the telemedicine portal, close the case out and complete the transaction with the patient by selecting “Closed” from the drop-down menu on the top right of the screen titled “Status.”