Writing Referrals

To create a referral, go to the “Progress Notes” tab and select the green plus sign next to the section titled “Notes for Patient” found on the bottom of the screen. This is the same location for writing a work sick note but instead the word “Referral” would be written in the field that says “Note Title.” The specialty can be included for instance by typing “Referral to Podiatrist.” Fill out each field that is relevant including “Date of First Consultation” or “Nature of Illness.”

In the “Nature of Illness” field, write the reason you are referring this patient. Please note: anything left blank in the form will be removed, while any fields filled out will be present in your referral. Select the green “Create” button to finish creating your referral and thus allow it to be immediately available to the patient in their Eagle Intelligent Health app.

(Note: In the months to come, the Eagle Intelligent Health platform will have specialists and a patient referral will not be needed but until the platform becomes available and specialists are hired, in order to best serve your patient, there will be the option of writing referrals as needed.)