Telehealth App for Patients

Easy access to medical care can be challenging due to cost and distance. However, visiting doctors and clinics on a regular basis is crucial for good health and wellness.

Fortunately, there’s an alternative to conventional methods of medical treatment. Eagle Intelligent Health offers a convenient and easy to use the Eagle Health mobile application to access skilled physicians throughout South Africa. It also benefits doctors and other medical staff by providing easy, and secure access to a FREE electronic medical records (EMR) system.

  • Telemedicine visits with doctors, specialists, and other medical providers

  • Safe and secure storage of patient medical information

  • Easy access to digital records containing data on prescriptions, work sick notes, and more

  • How Does Eagle Intelligent Health Work?

    This telehealth app can hold all your essential medical records, including prescriptions, work sick notes, and more. Your personal medical record will be accessible anywhere you have internet access, which means you can always stay informed of your health. You’ll even have access to a convenient patient snapshot which is an easy-to-understand summary of your health history.

    Allowing You To Take Control Of Your Health

    In addition to safe and secure health records storage, Eagle Intelligent Health allows you to arrange telemedicine calls with doctors and specialists when you can’t make it to appointments in person. Doctors will also have full access to your health care history to ensure accurate and timely treatment. Other essential app features include:

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    Why Should Patients Download the Eagle Intelligent Health App?

    Even when faced with challenges, you can’t neglect your health and wellness. The Eagle Intelligent Health app ensures you can access the treatments you need, no matter how far you are from the nearest hospital or clinic. When you have health questions or want more information on a specific treatment, you can reach a doctor or specialist easily.

    There’s also a lot of value in collecting your own personal medical record. This information can be used to determine future treatments. It also prevents medical staff from prescribing medications that may interact poorly with ones you’re already taking. A complete healthcare record can even help physicians diagnose new conditions, as your medical team will have a full background.

    How Does This App Benefit Doctors?

    In addition to the many benefits that await patients using the Eagle Intelligent Health app, doctors can also greatly benefit from it. Efficient storage of electronic medical records ensures healthcare staff can easily access information as needed during appointments. This greatly reduces the chance of errors when making diagnoses and prescribing treatments.

    Electronic storage also makes it easier for hospitals and clinics to be highly productive. When your staff has easy and efficient access to important information, they can provide a higher level of care to more patients in need of assistance.

    How Can You Get Started?

    Simply download the app to your mobile device to get started. From there, you can access telemedicine.