How do I add or delete something to my medications or allergies?

To add something to your medications or allergies, start by going to the homepage of your Eagle Intelligent Health app.
Choose which section you would like to add something to  ..

How do I set a medication reminder?

Start by going to your homepage on the app, click on your medications section, and then tap on the medication that you would like to set a medication reminder  ..

What is the Patient Snapshot and where can I see it?

The Eagle Intelligent Health Patient Snapshot is a summary of your conditions, medications, and allergies and it can be found in the middle of the homepage.


How do I change information in the intake form once I’ve finished adding it?

If you would like to edit your intake form later, simply click on the white three-bar menu in the upper left-hand corner of your homepage and select “Intake Form”  ..

How Do I Add My Medical History To The Intake Form?

From your homepage, Select the green “Complete the Intake Form” button found in the middle of the page and fill in the details for each section. There will be  ..