How do I get a work sick note or prescription today?

Eagle Intelligent Health allows users to get a work sick note or prescription through the app which can be accessed after your telemedicine visit. To quickly and easily get  ..

Which digital records can be provided after a telemedicine call?

After a telemedicine call, the doctor can provide digital prescriptions and work sick notes, all of which can be accessed easily through the app.

Digital prescriptions and work sick notes  ..

What is chat during a telemedicine call?

After you start a telemedicine call and fill out the telemedicine visit intake form, you will start in a chat triage where a doctor will be answering your chat  ..

How do I add a family member or caregiver to a telemedicine call?

To add a family member or caregiver to a telemedicine call, you need to start sharing your records  ..

How do I resume a telemedicine call?

To resume a telemedicine call, simply click on “Go To Telemedicine” from your Eagle Intelligent Health homepage. Then select the most recent case found on the top of the  ..

How do I start a telemedicine call?

To start a telemedicine visit with one of our telehealth doctors, you will need to start by completing an Intake Form in Eagle Intelligent Health so that your telehealth  ..

What is telemedicine and how can I use it?

A telemedicine visit is a doctor-patient call where a patient can receive medical diagnosis and treatment remotely through  ..