How do I get a work sick note or prescription today?

Eagle Intelligent Health allows users to get a work sick note or prescription through the app which can be accessed after your telemedicine visit. To quickly and easily get  ..

How do I convert my Eagle Intelligent Health account to my own phone?

If you have previously created an additional user Eagle Intelligent Health account on another user’s phone but now have your own phone, you can convert your account from an  ..

What are notifications?

When you first sign up for an Eagle Intelligent Health account, you will get an option of whether or not you want to receive notifications. You will get notifications  ..

How do I upload documents such as Insurance Cards or Vaccination records?

To upload documents such as insurance cards or vaccination records to Eagle Intelligent Health, select the “Upload Documents” section from the homepage. Tap the pencil icon and then the  ..

Updating My Profile

To update the information on your profile, first click on the circle image on the top right corner of the screen  ..

Writing Referrals

To create a referral, go to the “Progress Notes” tab and select the green plus sign next to the section titled  ..

Creating Sick Notes

One of the options after a completed telemedicine visit is creating a “Note” for your patient. These types of notes include  ..

Adding/Removing Conditions

As you create your “Assessment and Plan,” assign a condition to the patient based on what you have observed and heard  ..

Plan of Treatment

At the end of the call with your patient, a “Plan of Treatment” should be included. This is information provided to  ..

Adding Medications and Creating an Rx

At the bottom of the “Progress Note” tab on an open case, there is a section titled “Medications” with a green  ..